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Tandem Skydive 14 000ft


Activity Description

The 14,000 feet tandem skydive is the highest in Africa. Our twin turbine aircraft will fly you to 14,000 feet in just 10 minutes. You will get a full minute of free fall, 60 seconds, before the parachute opens. Once the parachute is open, enjoy the scenic ride down taking in the views of the Outeniqua Mountains and coastline.
PLEASE NOTE: This option is only available when our King Air aircraft is flying. If it is not available, you can still skydive from 10,000 feet from one of our smaller aircraft.

You can elect to pay cash or EFT on arrival at a slightly discounted rate.

The following upgrades are available, making your once in a lifetime experience more memorable:
- Handy-cam video + photos + certificate of your tandem jump, emailed to you: Add R615
- Outside camera, includes handy-cam PLUS an experienced camera man follows you out taking footage from a different perspective: R1538
- Extreme Ride*: Spins and a roller-coaster style canopy flight, including a t-shirt. Add R820
- Beach Landing: Add R615
- Reed Valley Wine Tasting & Lunch: Add R820


DurationOpen Ended
WhenAll year round, weather permitting.
WhereMossel Bay Airfield -34.159012S 22.060115E At the N2 bridge (Exit 393 from the N2) opposite the Langeberg Shopping Mall, proceed in the direction away from the sea(into the hills) to Aalwyndal smallholdings. You will find the Mossel Bay airfield after approx. 5 km. GPS Mossel Bay Aerodrome, 69 Rooikat Street, Mossel Bay or -34.159012 22.060115 or Google Skydive Mossel Bay. Please call us on arrival at the airfield so we can escort you to our hangar as access to any part of the airfield is strictly prohibited - 082 824 8599.
WeatherThis service is weather dependent. We reserve the right to cancel any activity due to unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to, lack of passengers, availability of aircraft or weather conditions. In case of a weather cancellation, weather conditions are judged exclusively by Skydive Mossel Bay.
What to Wear- Wear comfortable and secure lace-up footwear. Running shoes are preferable. - Jeans are recommended. - A warm jersey/ fleece is recommended in winter.
Things to Bring- All the courage you can muster! - Your passport or identity document.
Guests or SpectatorsGuests are welcome to watch from the Drop Zone. We have a large hangar and outside seating area with toilets. There is also a restaurant at the club house on the airfield where you can get refreshments. Off street parking available outside the airfield.


Minimum Age0 years
Minimum Height1.35 m
Maximum Height0.0 m
Fitness LevelNo Fitness Requirement
QualificationsNot Applicable
Maximum Weight100.0 kg
CertificationNone Required
Experience LevelNo Experience Requirement

Inclusions and Exclusions


- Tandem Skydive
- We supply jumpsuits, goggles, gloves in winter.


- Video + photos + certificate of your tandem jump +R615
- Extreme Ride* +R820.
- Beach Landing +R615.


- Skydive Mossel Bay cannot and will not give you medical advise. Medical conditions which could affect your safety should be discussed with your doctor prior to your booking and the outcome of your discussion is for your own interpretation. We accept that you are medically fit when you arrive to jump.
- No alcohol or “recreational” drugs are to be taken for at least 8 hours prior to arrival.
- Please advise us if you are taking prescription medication.
Diving before skydiving:
- DAN recommendation is: wait AT LEAST 12 hours after a single No Decompression Dive and 24 hours after repetitive, multiple day or decompression diving.

The booking time is an arrival time.
Please call us on arrival at the airfield so we can escort you to our hangar as access to any part of the airfield is strictly prohibited.
T: 082 824 8599.

Customer Reviews

It was superb..entire team was so supportive and not making us nervous at all else it wouldn't have been possible cheers !! - Vedant Parekh

It was an amazing experience. - Mohit Bang

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